iDocs Binder easily and quickly automatically collates and indexes documents of any type into a secure binder so you can share, collaborate, distribute or archive with confidence!

What is iDocs Binder?
Document Binders and BundlesDocument Binders and Bundles are an efficient way of collating, indexing, searching, storing and disseminating large volumes of information related to a bid, project, medical record or a corporate transaction like Merger and Acquisition.

  • Document Binders are commonly referred to as; Deal Bundles, eBibles, Court Bundles, Final Documents, Closing Sets, RFPs / Bids, Medical Records, Road Traffic Accident and Personal Injury Claim Bundles.
  • Binders are universally used by enterprises of all sizes, including but not limited to; healthcare organisations, Legal Firms, Financial Institutions, Architectural Engineering and Construction companies to collate documents from a specific case, transaction, bid or deal to store or provide to a client at the end of a particular project.


iDocs Binder Is the definitive solution that solves the problems associated with manual or semi-automatic Document Binder creation by fully automating most of the production processes. Including creating a full index, links to the documents and back links to the index page.

  • iDocs Binder collates and bundles ANY Digital file format like Microsoft Office, PDF, AutoCAD, email, photo, audio, or video.


Media Publishing

iDocs Binder is integrated with Rimage media publishing devices enabling seamless output to Blue-Ray, DVD or CD. A joint campaign focused on eBible and Court Bundle creation for the Legal sector will deliver considerable cost savings for an end to end solution.

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Professionals from all market sectors are only too aware that a well prepared Document Binder is critical to winning a case, a bid or tender, so saving time and minimising risk during production is an essential element of the production process.


There are numerous problems associated with the traditional methods of Binder creation. The main one is that, typically Binders are created manually using a variety of macros or home grown solutions and normally output to PDF or HTML and distributed on CD or DVD. Inevitably taking hours to compile and create.



Lengthy creation means that the cost of production is higher and increases proportionately with the size and complexity of the index structure, the layout and the desired presentation – the final look and feel.


Being created manually inexorably also means that the critical information contained in Binders is much more prone to errors. This in turn means greater risk.



Creating Binders / Bundles manually involves numerous process steps typically but not limited to:

Dependent on the final requirement, there are likely to be more steps required to achieve the required final compilation. All these steps add to the inefficiency of manual or semi- automatic production methods, further increasing the risk.

iDocs Binder fully automates the production process. In doing so it removes over 80% of the process steps associated with Binder creation. For an intuitive, elegant solution that is very simple to use.

iDB Dissemination










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To discuss how your business could benefit from the iDocs Binder solution, please just Request a Call or Contact Us

It is the ethos of iDocs Solutions to develop solutions that adhere to certain principles for managing information; Maximum Confidentiality, Reduction in human interaction and repetitive tasks, Elimination of risk from errors, Maximised Operational Efficiency, Elimination of Paper. iDocs Binder goes a step further and delivers the following benefits;

Save Time
By fully automating the manual or semi-automatic production processes currently used iDocs Binder reduces the time of production from hours to single digit minutes.


Cut Costs

By eliminating 70% of the process steps and reducing time of production to minutes iDocs Binder considerably reduces the cost of production.



Lower Risk

By removing the need for human interaction from most of the processes iDocs Binder dramatically reduces the risk associated with manual input, indexing and creation of Binders.


Increased Productivity

By saving time, reducing costs and lowering risk iDocs Binder increases efficiency and consequently greater productivity. This in turn shortens the learning curve, lowers the support costs, reduces the change management and implementation costs and results in more pervasive and faster adoption of the solution.



Ultimately contributing to a much lower TCO and accelerated ROI.

Manual iDocs Binder
Subject to errors Errors eliminated
Not Secure Watertight Security
Laborious Fully Automatic
Subject to schedules Immediate
Days to produce Minutes to create
Costly Costs in pence not pounds


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